Pope Francis appoints Sr Anna Mirijam Kaschner CPS to the Synod of Bishops

By letter from Cardinal Grech, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops - it was announced that Pope Francis on 7 july 2023 has appointed Sr Anna Mirijam Kaschner cps to attend the World Synod of Bishops

The World Synod of Bishops will take place in Rome from 03-29 October 2023. For the first time, in addition to the elected bishops, priests, religious and lay people with voting rights will also participate in this Synod.

On 1 July, it became known that Sr Anna Mirijam Kaschner was also among the total of 70 "non-bishops" called by Pope Francis to participate in the World Synod of Bishops. Sr Anna Mirijam had already participated in the European Continental Meeting in Prague and will now represent the European continent at the Synod together with 9 other participants.
When asked about her nomination to the Synod, she said: "Personally, I am very happy about the nomination, even though I have a lot of respect for this task. But I am even more pleased that through this nomination, the voice of Catholics in the Nordics will find its way even more clearly into the Synod's discussions, as both Bishop Kozon and I will be participating."
When asked about her hopes for the World Synod, she replied, "The situation of Catholics in the Nordic countries is very different from those in other European countries. We are a Church in an extreme diaspora, but in addition a strongly growing Church - through immigration and conversions - and at the same time a poor Church in rich, strongly secularised countries. Therefore, it is very important to bring these experiences into the world church. From the Synod I hope that the role of women in the Church will be appreciated, strengthened and promoted. Especially with regard to the situation of our Nordic countries, I hope for new impulses for mission and new evangelisation, new joy and hope, but above all a strong sign of the unity of our Church in all the different attitudes and opinions".