„Humanity is longing for healing and deliverance, for hope and for trust.“


Our Spirituality

Our name: "Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood" is for us daily a new challenge and mission to live the saving and redeeming love of Christ for us human beings in everyday life.

As baptized Christians we know about the gift of salvation. And yet we experience again and again our own life, that of society or the world, as wounded and in need of redemption. Humanity longs for healing and liberation, for signs of hope and confidence.

We want to give with our life a message of joy, hope and reconciliation wherever we are called to serve.

Our spirituality of the Precious Blood wants to encourage us again and again to live as Easter women. This means for us,

  • that we get a keen sense of the signs of the times, especially of the situations in which life in all its diversity is threatened;
  • that we are ready to go through suffering and different experiences of death in the midst of life, and to accompany others in these experiences;
  • that we may have hope in all apparent hopelessness, in view of the resurrection and life here and now, and
  • that we live by the promise and testify to it that nothing and no one can separate us from the unconditional love of God, which is experienced in Christ.
  • We want to carry out our mission as religious women, in a community of brothers and sisters where Christ is the centre. Thus we are together on the path of life and faith
  • in celibacy - to become free and open to God and to people;
  • in poverty - to become free from personal possessions, to put our strength, talents and abilities at the service of the community, to be open to what God wants to give us and to live in solidarity with the poor of the world;
  • in obedience - to become free, to know God's will and to be available for God and people.