"Fill the earth and subdue it"

does it say at the beginning - and not:
"Prey on her"
"Poison her"
"Destroy her"

Mother Earth
we have abused this order
Greed and obsession with power
rob you of your beauty and diversity
Your hidden wonders

A spiral of
more and more - further - higher - faster - ... 
always ...
has blinded us
for the wonders
that lie hidden in you

Biodiversity is dying out
the warming gives birth to climate derailments
with devastating consequences

And we 
complain and moan
but hardly consider - 
these catastrophes
we have knitted ourselves

Mother Earth
You send us vivid signs
let us perceive them!

Forgive us
our narrow-mindedness - our vanity
teach us humility and modesty
let us become grateful for Your gifts
so that we may distribute them justly
and all people will be satisfied

Mother Earth
it is not too late
but we have to start
I must start
in my house
in front of my door
in my actions

Holy Spirit
who in the beginning
hovering over the waters
shake us up
bend what is hardened
warm what is cold
guide what goes astray

so that our mother earth
finds back
to new - old - beauty and diversit

sr.martino machowiak cps


Around the world

At present we are 735 Sisters working in 95 different houses worldwide. We live and work in many countries in Africa, in the United States, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. As Missionaries we try our best, wherever we are, to make for others the love of God visible which we experience ourselves and which gives us the strenght to live this life.


Our life radiates a message of joy, of hope and of reconciliation wherever we are called to serve life.


„Come and see!“ - that is our invitation to all those, who take their inner longing serious, who are willing to be challenged by their questions about the meaning of their life, and in this process want to encounter other people, places and forms of life - and meet women with similar questions and longings.


*Abbreviation of the Community CPS: CONGREGATIO PRETIOSI SANGUINIS – NAME of the Community in the Latin Language