Warm welcome in the world of small treats to enjoy and to give away


If you enjoy homemade convent specialities or would like to make a personal gift, you are most welcome in our convent shop (Klosterlädchen) in the Missionshaus Neuenbeken.

Sister Jacoba-Maria's offer includes zucchini relish, various fruit spreads, biscuits (also lactose-free), real German honey from "monastery bees", liqueurs and occasionally fresh bread, apples and pears.
Depending on the season, many ingredients come directly from our convent garden. With a selection of her culinary delights
Sister Jacoba-Maria is present on a number of markets in Europe, as the demand is increasing.

Here is a brief overview of our variety of products

Times of opening; Tuesdays 10.00 bis 11.30 Uhr and 14.30 bis 17.00 Uhr and on request.

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Phone: Sr. Jacoba-Maria 05252/9650-712 
Mobile: 0162/1765499
Email: zrjacobavk@missionshausneuenbeken.de
Internet: www.missionshausneuenbeken.de 

The speciality of Sister Jacoba-Maria:

Zucchini Relish is a sweet and sour spicy side dish with versatile uses. Relish can be served cold or hot, such as with rice, pasta, potatoes, meat and bread.
It is especially suitable for a barbecue parties. The word "relish" comes from the English and means "spice".