The vow of obedience – an invitation to give permission


Just as the other vows, so is also the vow od obedience an invitation to become really free - and here too the life of Jesus serves us as our model and example.

His entire life was oriented to the search for the will of God and then to fulfill it. In the same way we too try to discover the will of God in our every day life. 

Some people believe that we religious abdicate through the vow of poverty our own will (and intellect) and that we have to give up and unconditionlly do what our superiors tell us to do.  
But that would not be a mature obedience.

The vow of obedience, requires good judgment and discernment. With the help of our fellow sisters and superiors we learn to listen to each other and to God - 
and can thus discern the will of God for our life and that of our community. This requires vigilance and reflection. Both must be learned and practised.

But the vow of obedience also means that we make ourselves available to do the will of God, which we have recognized in this way. 
It is therefore part of this vow to be sent to countries and communities where we and our abilities and talents are needed.