Film project in our community in Denmark

Our community in Denmark is often visited by students of film and media sciences to make a filmproject about religious life for their final thesis. Meanwhile the film is published.

Again we had a visit from some film students from the University of Copenhagen. In their email they wrote:

'In connection with a short documentary film project at the University of Copenhagen, we are a group of film and media sciences students who would like to visit your convent in Holte and talk to what we assume are the last nuns in Denmark. After some research we found out that there are currently no novices in Denmark and the youngest sister is in her mid-40s, so convent life must be in decline.

    We are curious:

        What is the contribution of monastic life in Denmark and what would be the impact if monasteries disappeared altogether?
        What is needed to reverse the trend? Are you actively doing something to attract new nuns?
        What will your life be like if the monasteries are closed?

    Our short film production will be 5-10 minutes long. at the end.

Now the film is published and can be seen here or by a click on the photo.

Here you can se the film.